Lady Catrina has its essence in the families of artisans and the environment, seeking to convey with each of the garments the harmony and respect between human beings and nature.

The key points to highlight in our Fashion with Purpose policy:

  • It collaborates with more than 300 families in different areas of Mexico.
  • When preparing these garments, the cultural richness of the different embroidery and weaving techniques, inherited for centuries, is preserved.
  • Women acquire economic independence.
  • Supply of orders throughout the year to offer more economic stability.
  • Artisans are given a decent payment, receive equal treatment and with respect.
  • Ecofriendly thanks to the artisan techniques used to make the products.
  • Natural raw materials guaranteeing the minimum impact on the environment.
  • Production in small quantities.
  • High quality fabrics are used and garments are made in order to extend the life of the product.
  • Use of recycled containers.